Diet to lose weight fast: how to lose weight at home

A couple of weeks, and minus 10 kg on the scale. . . Okay, a fairy tale! A variety of fast weight loss diets promise quick results with no side effects, no constant hunger, and often without giving up fast carbs.

rapid weight loss diet results

But how real is it and how will you have to pay for this fairy tale?

What dietitians recommend to lose weight at home, it is true that there are no effective diets to burn fat quickly without damaging health, the dietitian told readers.

What is a fast diet to lose weight? First, let's understand what a "fast" diet is.

Those food systems in which it is possible to lose weight are always a very low calorie diet (the combination of foods in diets in different diets may be different). Its energy value is on average from 900-800 kcal to 700-600 kcal. In addition, some nutritionists recommend following a diet of this type for a long time; this is not a diet designed for a couple of days, you will have to live on that diet for a week, or even two or three.

Obviously, in this situation, it will be possible to lose several kg of excess weight, but such weight loss will be very uncomfortable and it is unlikely that a person will be able to lose weight without side effects and damage to health.

How does the fast weight loss diet work?

Most rapid weight loss diets promise rapid weight loss, typically 10kg per week. Such a significant weight loss is only possible if we are dealing with very obese people (weight around 120-150 kg and more). In fact, this is already obesity!

Let's see what these lost kilograms add up to and whether such weight loss is possible without side effects.

girl on a diet to lose weight quickly

Basic Rules for Weight Loss You Need to Know

  1. It is important to understand that a woman will never lose 10 kg of excess weight by burning fat. 1 g of fat gives us 9 kcal of energy. Suppose that the daily diet of women who decided to lose weight used to be 2000-2200 kcal. And now, all of a sudden, some nutritionists are recommending that she (or maybe her friends or experts on her website) cut her food down to 1000 kcal.

    In no case should the caloric content of food be drastically reduced!

    But many want to achieve what they want from one of the quick weight loss diets at any cost.

    Based on the above figures, she can lose a maximum of 100g of fat per day. For 10 days it is about 1 kg!

  2. The woman began to eat less. This means that the volume of the contents of her intestines, the chyme, has decreased. This is also less 1, 5-2 kg of excess weight.
  3. Then the water will go away. Excess water always occurs when it comes to an overweight person. Its "refuge" is fat cells. Already in the first months of losing weight, a lot of water can disappear.

    For example, with obesity in women who are losing weight, 3 to 5 kg of fluid per day can disappear.

    Yes, that happens too! And it happens that it carries from 500 g to 1 kg. But on average, during this period, you can lose about 3 kg of fluid.

  4. About 1kg with this weight loss approach will be for muscle loss.

    In total, as we understand it, even with severe restrictions, it is realistic to lose an average of about 7-8 kg. And only in the case of a very large weight, you can reach the figure, minus 10 kg. But it is important not to forget the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

    According to WHO, weight loss of 4-5 kg per month is considered optimal and safe.

What is the danger of "effective" diets to lose weight quickly?

There are many side effects of rapid weight loss diets. Let's highlight only the most basic ones.

Loss of muscle mass

In general, in the event of a lack of calories and nutrients, the first thing the body will start its "attack" with is muscle breakdown. And as you know, skeletal muscle loss is a very undesirable event. It is important that the heart muscle suffers during this process.

The Danger Of A Fast Weight Loss Diet Losing Muscle Mass

If the body feels a significant protein deficiency, the heart (and this is a muscular organ) loses mass.

Those who like to experiment with low-calorie diets are at higher risk of learning what cardiomyopathy is (this myocardial disease can lead to sudden cardiac arrest).

So many famous people died - heavy weight loss and cardiac arrest. Whatever they say, they seriously risked their bodies.

Exacerbation of cholecystitis.

This gallbladder disease is diagnosed quite often. When we significantly reduce the amount of food in the diet, this organ stops wasting bile, which is produced to digest food. This bile then accumulates in the gallbladder cavity, causing inflammation and stone formation.

If there were already small stones in the gallbladder (and many do not even know about their existence in the body), then the experiments with the "Top 10 Effective Diets for Quick Weight Loss", which, in fact, are restrictive diets, can leadto a state of "acute belly".

And this is an indication for hospitalization followed by surgery.

Decreased enzyme activity.

With such diets, the production of pancreatic enzymes is reduced. To then restore your normal activity, it may take more than a month.

on a fast weight loss diet, pancreatic enzyme production decreases

Violation of intestinal motility.

It's simple: reduce the amount of food in the daily diet and logically reduce the consumption of vegetables. This means that the body receives less fiber needed.

This loss necessarily affects the muscular activity of the intestines.

Impact of macro and micronutrient deficiencies on appearance

Of course, not in a positive way. After finishing the "fast" diet, you may notice that the skin color has faded, the skin has become flaky, and in some places it has become thinner. Also, you may regretfully understand that your skin tone has decreased and that fine wrinkles are much more noticeable than before.

Also, the side effects will be felt on the nails and hair (they may start to fall out strongly).

Decrease in the rate of metabolic processes.

This certainly occurs when the calorie content of the diet is reduced below 1000 kcal. After a woman returns to the diet recommended for her in terms of calorie content, she will quickly face one of the side effects: she will gain the lost pounds.

a decrease in the speed of metabolic processes occurs on a diet for rapid weight loss

Is there a fast and effective universal diet to lose weight?

In the process of losing weight, it is important to focus not on speed, but on efficiency. And in this case, there is no one-size-fits-all diet! Conventionally, the Ducan diet will help one woman after giving birth to lose weight successfully, another will separate with 5-7 kg of excess weight on a keto diet, and there are many women who will achieve the desired result thanks to aquite rational diet. with a decrease in caloric content.

If you are tasked with finding the diet on which you can successfully lose weight, you cannot do it without consulting a doctor and a diagnosis.

It is important to observe the characteristics of protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, enzyme activity, the level of vitamins and minerals. It would be nice to pass tests for food intolerances and, ideally, genetic. Based on this, you can create an individual diet in which you can lose weight quickly enough and without side effects.

How You Can Modify The Idea Of Fast Weight Loss Diets

By losing weight after breastfeeding, you can practice days with a significant calorie reduction to 700-800 kcal per day. These are the so-called fasting days, after which it is imperative to return to a balanced and complete diet.

In the process of losing weight, those days can be practiced 1-2 times a week.

Its disadvantage is obvious: it is unlikely that you will be able to escape the constant feeling of hunger.

What to do about it? You can drink more water, especially with lemon (lemon juice). For many, this water seems tastier and they drink it with greater pleasure than plain water.

You can do fast days with low calorie foods. In this case, all products will have a sufficiently large total volume and it will be possible to distribute it throughout the day; there are often and in small quantities.

In this case, smoothies made with unsweetened vegetables and fruits can be great.

eat sugar-free vegetable and fruit smoothies on a diet to lose weight quickly

The puree-like consistency of such dishes deceives the body - a person eats a little, but at the same time notices a feeling of satiety.

That is, when you lose weight, you do not experience a constant feeling of hunger.

The shakes are rich in fiber, pectin, vitamins and minerals, everything that is found in the original products used to prepare them.

The most useful are smoothies based on vegetables and herbs: avocado, celery, peeled cucumber, basil, lime and mint. You can enrich its flavor by adding a tablespoon of sesame or flax seeds, coconut cream.

Limit yourself to five meals a day. You can drink about 250 ml of shake per meal.