Exercises to slim the abdomen and sides: fitness program

twist to slim the sides and abdomen

Girls who are concerned about their figure should pay special attention to the waist area. The abdomen and sides are typical problem areas of the female body. One just has to start gaining excess weight, and the first fat deposits appear in the stomach. And even skinny girls can form ugly fat folds on their sides. How to solve this problem? You can quickly get rid of fat deposits around the waist only by using a wide range of measures, among which the keys are fitness and healthy eating.

Slimming program for sides and abdomen

flat stomach after weight loss exercise

The deposition of fat in the waist is a complex problem, which means that it will not be possible to solve it in just one way. You will have to act in several directions at the same time. Here are some remedies that can help make your belly flat and your waist slim:

  • physical training;
  • proper nutrition;
  • massages and wraps;
  • optimal drinking regimen.

Any physical activity is useful to lose weight on the sides and abdomen. You should take advantage of every opportunity to burn extra calories, especially if you have to sit a lot during the day. In fitness, it is recommended to combine cardiovascular exercises aimed at losing weight throughout the body, and exercises for the abdomen and sides. Cardio reduces total body fat, while special exercises for the waist area stimulate the problem area to lose weight, tighten the skin and strengthen the muscles.

Fitness is a powerful weight loss tool, but workouts alone are a must in this case. If you don't change your eating habits, the fat burned in training will return to its original place over and over again. In this case, strict diets are more likely to harm than to help. First, it is impossible to train intensely by severely restricting yourself on food. Second, after canceling the diet, nothing will stop the body from gaining extra pounds again. Dieting is a temporary measure, and avoiding junk food and switching to a healthy diet is the path to long-term and sustained weight loss.

For local breakdown of fat in the waist area, you can use the methods of medical cosmetology. The massage sessions will not only accelerate the thinning of the sides and abdomen, but will also improve the condition of the skin. Fat deposits are fought with the help of various massage techniques: acupressure, water and cupping massage are used. If you have to turn to specialists for massage, wraps can be done independently at home. Weight loss and cellulite removal are facilitated by blends with honey, coffee, seaweed, red pepper, and clay. Wraps are effective if carried out in courses: 10-12 sessions with a 3-day break.

To lose weight on the sides and abdomen successfully, you need to drink a sufficient amount of liquid. We are talking about clean drinking water, other drinks are food, because in the process of digesting, assimilating and processing the substances they contain, the body consumes the water that is already available. The daily intake of water is 30 ml / kg of body weight. If a person engages in physical fitness, the need for fluids increases. Water is a universal solvent, with its scarcity, metabolic processes slow down and calorie consumption is reduced. Weight loss lovers of healthy lifestyles often mistake dehydration symptoms for hunger, as a result, where a cup of water could do, you eat an extra serving of food.

Fitness for the abdomen and sides: a series of exercises.

swing the press to lose weight from the sides and abdomen

The following set of exercises is suitable for everyday use, but beginners who are not used to fitness should be careful: too intense work can lead to overtraining.

  • Cardio training: 10 minute jog in place. You can use any cardiovascular equipment if you have one.
  • Light gymnastics to restore breath: bend forward and sideways, bend backward, 10 reps each.
  • Increased load: dumbbell slopes. Do not bend your legs, do not lift your arms with dumbbells. Dumbbells weighing 1 to 3 kilograms are used; the weight of the load is selected individually.
  • Jumping rope: start from 5 minutes, in each subsequent lesson, the duration of the exercise increases by 1-2 minutes.
  • Squats: Slow squats in 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • "Mill" or hand swings: the feet are placed shoulder-width apart, bend forward at a right angle, perform hand swings, alternately touching the left foot with the right hand and the right foot with the left hand.
  • A classic press exercise: lie on the floor, bend your legs, place your hands behind your head, stretch your body to your knees.
  • "Bicycle": lying on the ground, raise the legs bent and keep them suspended (the legs are parallel to the floor), the arms are brought behind the head, the right leg is stretched, the left leg is bent and pulled to the chest, while bringing the right elbow to the left knee, then the legs are switched. The exercise is similar in motion to a bicycle.
  • V-shaped twists: while lying on the floor, simultaneously raise the stretched legs and body, try to touch the legs with their hands.
  • Turning the hoop: start from 5 minutes, in each subsequent workout, the duration of the exercise increases by 1-2 minutes.

All abdominal exercises should be repeated as many times as possible. The main thing here is not to work too hard, so as not to burn out in the first lessons.

Healthy eating and weight loss.

Moving on to a healthy diet, the first step is to take the following steps:

  • Refuse sweets, fast food, alcohol, smoked, salty and fried.
  • Avoid eating before bed, especially foods rich in carbohydrates. The last meal is 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Make a meal plan and try to avoid snacking while running and skipping meals (especially breakfast).
  • Eat fractionally small portions: 5-6 times a day.
  • Avoid eating before exercising. It should take at least 1. 5 hours from meal to exercise.

You will have to wait 1 to 2 months before the change in diet has a lasting effect. A healthy diet, unlike diets, does not give quick results. But comprehensively heals the body, normalizes metabolism, and thus prevents weight gain in the future.