How to lose weight correctly: the most effective methods.

Losing weight through exercise

Many girls who are not satisfied with their figure are often faced with the question of how to lose weight correctly in order to avoid damage to the body and maintain the results for a long time. There are many methods that they offer you to easily eliminate excess weight, tighten the stomach, hips, waist, and at the same time prevent the formation of cellulite. Before choosing one of the weight loss techniques for yourself, it is recommended to take some time and read the requirements and rules carefully. Such a precautionary measure will allow you to avoid mistakes, quickly end the hated kilograms and enjoy a beautiful figure with seductive curves for a long time.

Where to start?

Medical consultation with an endocrinologist.

The first thing to do before you start shedding excess weight is to visit an endocrinologist. If obesity is caused by diseases of the endocrine system, neither dietary restrictions nor physical activity will be able to cope with body fat. The only way to lose weight is to undergo treatment and then try to lose weight again.

Medical consultation is a necessary measure if for a long time even dieting or increased activity does not help to cope with excess weight. It would be helpful to visit a nutritionist. The doctor will explain what the correct weight loss is, will help correct the diet, will make a series of exercises that help burn fat.

How to lose weight correctly - practical advice

The transition from unhealthy food to healthy food

To get rid of extra pounds in a short time, it is recommended to resort to a comprehensive method. Hunger strikes, exhausting mono-diets, intense sports will do the body more harm than good, so before losing weight, you must figure out how to solve the problem correctly.

Helpful tips for quick body shaping consist of just a few points:

  • order the daily diet;
  • increase physical activity;
  • review the daily routine.

If weight loss occurs without giving up harmful products, sports, good rest, it will take a long time to wait for positive results.

You know? You should not choose methods that offer to deal with body fat in a short time; losing weight should be as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, trying to cope with the hated kilos will quickly get bored and you will have to go back to your old lifestyle.

Change your diet

Diet food to lose weight effectively

If you choose the right diet, getting rid of excess weight will happen in the shortest possible time. For effective weight loss, you don't have to part with your favorite foods; with proper preparation and eating in small portions, the correction of the diet will not cause problems. Among the advantages of a moderate diet, along with the burning of fat deposits, the body receives considerable benefit, the metabolic and digestive processes return to normal, the work of some organs improves. Another advantage of proper nutritious nutrition is that it increases efficiency, fatigue and loss of strength are not disturbed - the body receives all the substances necessary for normal functioning.

Breakfast Refreshment Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
Monday Two-egg omelette, vegetable salad (dressing with a little oil), green tea Half an apple, low-fat homemade yogurt (no sugary ingredients, no fruit) Boiled chicken breast, two loaves, cut of vegetables Half an apple with yogurt Chicken breast, vegetable salad, kefir
Tuesday Vegetable salad with crusty bread Grated cottage cheese (low-fat), half a banana Vegetable salad, bread Cottage cheese, banana (half), a handful of nuts Sliced vegetables, crusty bread, or black bread with bran
Wednesday Baked fish, stewed vegetables, bread Drink of half a pear, yogurt or fermented milk Baked fish, vegetable stew, a slice of black bread Pear (half), drinking yogurt Baked fish slice, vegetable slices, herbal drink
Thursday Vinaigrette, bread, boiled tuna Half a banana, grated cottage cheese Vinaigrette, steamed tuna Cottage cheese, half a banana Tuna (boiled, steamed), vinaigrette
Friday Hard-boiled eggs (2 pcs. ), Vegetable or fruit slices, green tea Cottage cheese, half a green apple Boiled chicken with vegetable salad Cottage cheese with apple, kefir Vegetable cut, boiled chicken breast
Saturday Baked lean fish, vegetable salad A handful of almonds with yogurt Egg omelette, fruit slices Half grapefruit, kefir Boiled fish, vegetables, seasoned with oil.
Sunday Hard-boiled eggs, fruit slices Kefir with half a pear Boiled fish, light salad Apple (half), kefir Chicken breast with vegetables

Attention! The main rule of the diet is to eat small portions (no more than 200 grams). Drink lots of fluids throughout the day. It is not necessary to use only water - herbal drinks, green tea, mineral water (without gas) will be no less useful.

Start exercising

Weight Loss Training

Even the toughest diet will be useless if you don't increase physical activity. You can lose weight effectively not only with the help of strenuous exercises in the gym or at the stadium, but also with simple exercises that are easy to do at home.

Such a set of exercises contributes to competent weight loss:

  • Heating. Allows the body to prepare for stress, prevents stretch marks, injuries, heats up. Walk in place, raise your legs high, sit several times, twist your body, bend over.
  • Plank. It allows you to keep all parts of the body in good shape, tightens muscle tissue and helps burn fat. Take a reclined position, bend your arms, support your upper extremities in fists on the surface. The body should be elongated, like a rope, but do not force the neck too much. Fix the position until the body begins to burn.
  • Lizards. Perform 15 to 20 push-ups from the surface, trying to tense all muscle groups.
  • Squats down. They work the muscles of the hips, glutes and abs. Squats with your knees and a straight back are especially helpful.
  • Swing your legs. Lie on your side, alternately raise the lower limbs high (with fixation).

When losing weight with the help of sports exercises, girls warn that each set of exercises should be completed with relaxing movements that allow the muscles to get away from stress. It is enough to walk around the room, make slow movements with your hands, turn your head.

Especially, you should not get involved in training: three or four times a week is enough. The duration of the lesson is up to half an hour. It is recommended to take breaks between approaches: 30-40 seconds.

You are allowed to drink water between exercises, but in small amounts, just one or two sips. The liquid promotes metabolism, so the burning of fat tissue will occur at a high rate.

You know? If you do not have enough willpower or patience for regular exercises at home, it is recommended to enroll in sports or oriental dances, swimming. Activities that are pleasant for the soul will certainly give the desired results: the adipose tissues will begin to melt quickly.

What can you buy at the pharmacy?

If a girl is losing weight through diet or exercise, she should not use special drugs that burn fat. Powerful drugs are prescribed only for obesity, serious overweight problems. Only a doctor prescribes pills; without the recommendations of a nutritionist, she should not use any funds, the consequences will be very serious.

The most effective fat burning drugs that pharmacies offer are:

  • A drug whose active component is a substance that blocks lipase (an enzyme produced by the walls of the stomach and intestines). Available in capsule form. Activates the breakdown of fats, prevents the accumulation of adipose tissue. It has many contraindications: liver pathology, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, biliary stasis. Often causes side effects: stool disturbances, severe abdominal pain, increased gas production. You can evaluate the work of the drug on a scale of ten points at 7 points.
  • One of the most popular and effective drugs for weight loss. The active ingredient is sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate. Available in capsules. It affects the satiety center located in the brain, curbing the feeling of hunger, reducing appetite. Under the influence of the drug, the breakdown of fat cells is accelerated, metabolic processes are activated. Among the disadvantages is a large number of prohibitions. It is not recommended to use the drug for diseases of the thyroid gland, heart, pressure spikes, obesity, provoked by an excess of hormones. Side effects: fast heartbeat, increased blood pressure. The valuation of the drug is 10 points.
  • The drug most often recommended by nutritionists for women seeking to lose weight quickly and effectively. The active ingredients (sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose) reduce hunger, burn fat cells and promote digestion. The peculiarity of the tablets is the small number of bans. It is not recommended to use the remedy for diseases of the heart, blood vessels, with drug treatment. Side effects: pressure spikes, dry mouth, trouble sleeping, headaches. The valuation of the drug is 9 points.

In the use of any means to lose weight, it is recommended to be careful not to exceed the dose or the number of doses. For the first few days after using medications, monitor your body's reaction; If any secondary reaction appears, stop the process immediately and consult a doctor.

Get started with sports nutrition

In the process of losing weight, you can turn to sports nutrition, but this method is generally recommended for people who strive for body perfection - toned elastic muscles without a drop of fat. Vitamin complexes, fish oil, protein preparations are a small part of the essential elements that should be consumed daily.

Before you start taking special drugs, it is better to understand the characteristics of each of them:

  • Proteins The use of drugs allows you to increase the amount of protein, which is difficult to obtain from food alone. It is protein that is the building material that builds the structure of muscle tissue. The presence of amino acids promotes the breakdown of fats: the nutrients in food are generated in energy, which contributes to rapid muscle development.
  • Fish fat. The source of fatty acids is fish oil. You can not do without acids in sports nutrition: active elements contribute to the breakdown of adipose tissues and form muscle tissue. Eating fish oil helps with the absorption of protein, which is responsible for muscle strengthening.
  • Vitamin complexes. Strict diets do not allow to compensate for the lack of all necessary substances for the human body. Thanks to this, adipose tissue slowly breaks down: weight loss occurs at the expense of muscle tissue. To prevent muscle deterioration, it is recommended to take vitamins; this is the only way to prevent unwanted effects.

Using sports nutrition on your own to lose weight is not recommended; you must first consult a nutritionist, coach. Errors in the use of proteins, vitamin complexes can lead to unexpected and unpleasant complications.

Questions to specialists

The results of a girl who has lost weight under the supervision of a specialist.

It is unlikely that you will be able to study all the requirements and rules for losing weight on your own while sitting at home, flipping through women's magazines or websites. The easiest way to find out everything about diets, sports activities is to ask a question to a specialist. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the answers to the most common questions that often arise in women who only plan to lose weight.

How much can you lose weight in a month? Recommended standards

Many girls believe that it is better to lose weight quickly, and for this they use strict diets (starve or completely reject the products necessary for the body), play sports before exhaustion and turn to sports nutrition. Nutritionists advise against doing this. The kilograms that disappeared quickly do not return less quickly immediately after the end of the diet. It is better not to be greedy, it is recommended to lose no more than 10 kg per month, this is enough so that the body does not stress. To lose weight at home from 8 to 10 kg, you do not have to try too hard and exhaust the body; even a fractional or separate nutrition will be enough to correct the figure.

How to accelerate fat burning?

How to properly and effectively speed up the fat burning process so as not to harm your health? The main requirements for getting rid of obesity are correctness of diet, increased activity and good rest. It is not recommended to speed up the process: the faster the fat disappears, the more stress is exposed to the body. The use of drugs that promote fat burning is not an option, there are too many dangers hidden by powerful drugs. You should also not use dubious media offered on the Internet; it can cause considerable damage to health.

If you really want to accelerate the burning of fat, it is better to turn to herbal decoctions that increase metabolic processes, improve metabolism and assimilation of food. It is also recommended to refuse to travel by car, bus, elevator, to move on foot. There are also a number of methods that are harmless to the body that promote weight loss: special massages, cosmetic wraps, water procedures. The main advantage of these aids is that the rapid weight loss does not affect the skin, they remain taut and elastic.


Being overweight is a problem faced by almost one in two people on the planet. Fatty tissues should not be expected to start melting on their own; Without nutritional correction, special training, and proper sleep, it won't work to shed the hated kilograms. It is not necessary to compose a diet, a set of exercises on your own; With the help of a coach or nutritionist, you will be able to achieve your desired results much faster.

It will take a lot of effort, but don't try to lose weight quickly; it is better to act slowly but surely. This is facilitated by proper nutrition, which will quickly become a habit and have a beneficial effect not only on the figure, but also on the state of health. Your mood will improve, your skin will look healthy, your hair will shine brightly, and your efficiency will increase. Sports exercises will help to maintain the results and strengthen the muscles - the body will lose weight and get fit.