Watermelon diet

What kinds of diets do girls who dream of a slim waist and elastic hips not use? The watermelon diet for weight loss is the peak of the autumn period, because it is at this time that you can not only buy the product cheaply, but also easily lose weight by turning to sports. It sounds surprising, but on a watermelon diet you can lose up to 10 kilograms of excess weight per week; This is what the positive reviews say about losing weight with the use of this berry.

watermelon for watermelon diet

Nutritionists prohibit the use of watermelons for weight loss; This causes serious consequences on the glucose content in the body of a person who has lost weight (there is a high risk of developing diabetes). In short: is it possible to lose weight with watermelon? It is possible, but only according to the recommendations of experts. Therefore, you must first undergo an examination by specialists and exclude the presence of contraindications to the use of watermelons in large quantities for dieting. The main recommendations and a description of various options for the watermelon diet will be given later in the article.

Product composition

The quantitative proportion of the composition of watermelon is 90% water and 12% sugar, which includes sucrose, glucose and fructose. It is the high sugar content that makes the watermelon diet ineffective. Experts say that, on average, a woman can eat at least 6 kg of product during the day, this is approximately 2300 kcal, while the allowed daily amount is 2500 kcal. The watermelon diet is recommended for weight loss if the previous daily calorie content was 4000 calories or more. It turns out that people with a large amount of excess weight (at least 20 kilograms above the norm) will really be able to lose everything superfluous in just one month.

Among other things, the following substances are part of the striped berry:

  • minerals - in large quantities (250 g of watermelon contains the daily norm of magnesium);
  • Pectin substances - can lower cholesterol levels;
  • proteins: contribute to the saturation and formation of muscle fibers;
  • vitamins of groups A, B, C;
  • fiber - normalizes intestinal function;
  • antioxidants - some of the varieties available in the composition can solve problems in the genital area.

The watermelon diet can increase sexual desire in men and solve their problems in the genital area. This is due to the high content of lycopene in the composition. So to eliminate the problems, men only need to go on a watermelon diet for a week.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

The watermelon diet has its positives and negatives, which must be taken into account before deciding whether to follow it.

The benefits of the watermelon diet include:

  • improve metabolism;
  • removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • elimination of toxins and radicals from alcoholic products;
  • saturation with microelements;
  • reduce the risk of developing cancer cells;
  • stimulation of the genitourinary system.

Despite the positives of the watermelon diet, this berry also has negatives for weight loss.

Disadvantages include:

  • a significant increase in the load on the genitourinary system - if there are problems in this area, it is not recommended to use watermelon with a diet;
  • a high sugar content leads to an increase in glucose in a person's blood; for diabetics, the watermelon diet is prohibited;
  • during the watermelon diet, as with any mono-diet, a deficiency of fats and proteins is formed in the body by losing weight;
  • For some, watermelon, on the other hand, causes a feeling of hunger.

This is important: due to the negative aspects, it is not recommended to follow the watermelon diet for more than a week; this is the safest time to lose weight and prevent health damage.

Diet options

If we consider the question of whether it is possible to lose weight with a watermelon, it is impossible to answer positively with certainty. However, there are comments from people who were able to lose weight even when they ate watermelons throughout the day. Probably, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Diet for 1 day

The watermelon diet is an excellent option for a fasting day: it will help to remove puffiness, remove puffiness and lose weight up to 3 kilograms. The correct adherence to the watermelon diet is the use of berries at the rate of 1 kilogram of product for every 10 kilograms of weight you lose. Among other things, a maximum of 2 cups of coffee is allowed during the day, as well as unlimited herbal and green tea. Mandatory use of water: at least 1 liter of clean liquid.

Diet for 3 days

The watermelon diet, designed for 3 days of weight loss, is not so categorical and allows the use of additional healthy foods.

An approximate menu for 3 days of weight loss is as follows:

  • for breakfast: 1 green apple and 3-4 slices of watermelon;
  • for lunch: 3-4 slices of watermelon;
  • for lunch - a bunch of greens with fresh cucumbers (you can make a salad by seasoning with vegetable oil), after half an hour - the main berry in small quantities;
  • for an afternoon snack: a green apple;
  • for dinner: watermelon in unlimited quantities (until satiety, but without overeating).

Water and herbal tea are allowed throughout the day. In the morning you can indulge yourself with a cup of coffee, but only after fruit.

Diet for a week

Diet meals can be made during the week, where the menu presented in the table is followed.

amounts - to satiety, but not overeating
Day Time to eat Shopping list
Monday Breakfast Any fruit is added to the main berry.
Lunch Salad and cucumbers, herbs and green apple, seasoned with vegetable oil
Dinner Big watermelon
Afternoon snack Some basic berries and any fruit.
Dinner Large portion of watermelon, plums, and other fruit.
Tuesday Breakfast 2 kiwis and main berry
For lunch Up to 3 apples
Dinner A portion of watermelon, it is allowed to cook sorbet and other dishes, but without adding other products.
Afternoon snack Plums
Dinner Plums and main berry

The menu is presented only for 2 days; then, the diet alternates during the week (it can support the 8 days). Such a fruit diet can quickly become boring, so it is recommended to constantly change the types of fruits; this is a fairly varied diet.

Simplified form

There is also a simplified form of the watermelon diet that can be maintained for a month or more, until the desired weight is reached. Here the diet is more balanced, so there will be no deficiency of any substance in the body.

An example menu is presented as follows:

  • For breakfast: a few slices of the main berry and a teaspoon of honey.
  • A snack can consist of any fruit that you want to burn fat cells (orange, grapefruit, etc. ).
  • Lunch: baked or stewed vegetables, can be replaced with a serving of vegetable soup without the addition of legumes.
  • Snack: fruit, you can eat some slices of the main berry.
  • Dinner: oatmeal with fruit or a serving of baked vegetables. One piece of unleavened bread is allowed.

With the nutrition presented in a week, you can lose up to 5 kilograms of excess weight. If nutrition is combined with exercise, the results can only be increased. Having reached the coveted weight, you need to gradually abandon the system, including additional foods in the diet. The correct way out is to adhere to the previous diet, but with the constant inclusion of a prohibited product in weight loss. To consolidate and get used to the body, it is recommended to introduce a new product every 3 days, while the previous ones are not excluded from the diet. The watermelon diet has only positive reviews and the results of losing weight in themselves. So there are achievements in weight loss of at least 20 kg in a month and a half or two. Happy girls and wives like the lack of the need to constantly prepare diet meals; it is much easier to cut a watermelon and wash the fruit. It is this advantage that attracts an increasing number of obese and watermelon-loving people to the diet.

Nutritionists, however, argue that the constant use of the presented berry will form a sharp rise in blood glucose. Therefore, a simplified form of weight loss diet is recommended for a long time. Fasting days are also allowed, but not more than once a week, and on other days it is not recommended to use the main product; at this time, the body should return to normal. Alternatively, watermelon is allowed to replace a main meal. The rest of the time, vegetable soups, steamed or baked vegetables are introduced into the diet.


Watermelon has been my favorite treat since childhood. I recently learned that this delicious also has an excellent effect on fat deposits, burning them in no time. I searched the Internet and found special watermelon diets (by the way, I was surprised that there are many, watermelon is combined with different products). For me, I chose a curd and watermelon diet, because I am not indifferent to curd either. Just a week of eating my favorite treats yielded unexpected results: if the scale wasn't deceiving, I managed to get rid of three and a half kilograms.

I constantly diet, because only this helps to keep my figure in good shape. From a friend I learned that you can use watermelons to lose weight; not only perfectly remove harmful substances from the body, but also actively contribute to burning fat. I tried a combination of watermelons with buckwheat porridge, a rather unusual diet, but the benefits are noticeable almost immediately. The feeling of hunger is completely absent, which most diets cannot boast of, and effective weight loss - I lost up to 3 kg per week.

For the first time, I decided to go on a diet, and the reason was a serious illness, which resulted in considerable weight gain. A long search for the necessary information led me to the fact that I chose the watermelon diet. At first I did not believe that you could eat anything, but with one condition: finish each meal with the use of several slices of watermelon. Already the first week of such weight loss she was pleasantly surprised - 2 kg evaporated. The following week I was even more pleased: I managed to lose 3. 5 kg and did not refuse even meat dishes.